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Ignacio Erazo

Ph.D. student in Operations Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Incoming applied scientist intern at Apple for Summer 2022.

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Journal papers

  • Ignacio Erazo and David Goldsman (2021). “Efficient Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Bernoulli Distributions’ Success Parameters”. Journal of Simulation. online version preprint.

Conference papers

  • Ignacio Erazo and Rodrigo de la Fuente (2021). “A simulation-based approach to compare policies and stakeholders’ behaviors for the ride-hailing assignment problem”, Accepted and to be published in the proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference 2021. slides of the virtual presentation
  • Rodrigo De la Fuente, Raymond Smith III, Ignacio Erazo (2018).”Enabling Intelligent Processes in Simulation Utilizing the Tensor Flow Deep Learning Resources”. In Proceedings of the 2018 Winter Simulation Conference, pages 1108-1119. link pdf file.

Working Papers

  • Ignacio Erazo and David Goldsman, “Efficient Two-Sample Paired Bernoulli Confidence Intervals”.
  • Ignacio Erazo and Alejandro Toriello, “Submodular Dispatching”.
  • Hassan Mortagy, Ignacio Erazo, Filipe Cabral and Siva Maguluri, “A Near-optimal Stochastic Frank-Wolfe Algorithm for Constrained Convex Optimization”.
  • Ignacio Erazo, David Goldsman and Pinar Keskinocak, “Improving the Efficiency of an Organ Transplantation System”.


  • Ignacio Erazo, Alejandro Toriello (2021). “Submodular Dispatching”, to be presented in 2021 INFORMS Conference.
  • Ignacio Erazo, David Goldsman (2018). “A Scan Statistic for Disease Detection”, Invited Presentation, November 2018 INFORMS Conference.