Jul 26, 2023 I just presented and chaired the “Session 13C: Models for intelligent transportation systems 6” in the Triannual TSL Conference 2023. The quality of submissions for the conference was excellent, looking forward to the next conference!
May 9, 2023 I am proud to announce that I was awarded a NSF travel award to assist to the Triannual TSL Conference 2023. Looking forward to it!
Apr 22, 2023 Just submitted my new preprint Smart Sports Predictions via Hybrid Simulation: NBA Case Study to the Winter Simulation Conference 2023!
Mar 17, 2023 I am happy to announce that I will be joining Amazon Science at the AFT team this summer as a Research Scientist Intern!
Feb 5, 2023 Our abstract “Submodular Dispatching with Multiple Vehicles” was accepted for presentation in the Second Triennial INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society Conference (TSL Conference 2023), to be held in Chicago. Looking forward to show our research!
Jan 15, 2023 Finally came back to Georgia Tech, now it is time to start wrapping up my Ph.D. Thesis!
Dec 11, 2022 Won the best applied student paper award at WSC 2022!
Dec 9, 2022 I just completed my internship at Amazon. It was an amazing experience, where I learned a lot and could recognize areas of growth. Looking forward to keep improving!
Sep 5, 2022 This Monday I just joined Amazon as an Applied Scientist Intern at Amazon, in Edinburgh’s software development center!
Aug 19, 2022 Today I just finished my internship in Apple :apple:. It was such an amazing experience!
May 23, 2022 Today I joined BPR’s Advanced Analytics team at Apple (Sunnyvale, CA) as an Operations Research Scientist Intern for Summer 2022 !
Apr 1, 2022 I successfully defended my research proposal titled “Efficient Two-Sample Bernoulli Confidence Intervals and Submodular Dispatching”. I am a Ph.D. Candidate now!