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Ignacio Erazo

Ph.D. student in Operations Research at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Actively searching for an internship for Summer 2022.

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I am currently pursing my Ph.D. degree in Operations Research with a minor in Machine Learning at the Georgia Institute of Technology. My research interests include the development of efficient optimization algorithms and heuristics for intelligent decision-making, but also large scale simulation-optimization procedures. I am currently working under the supervision of Prof. Alejandro Toriello and Prof. David Goldsman.

My CV as of October 2021: CV

Current Research Projects:

  • Submodular Dispatching Optimization, with multiple applications such as machine scheduling or Same Day Delivery tactical models.
  • Efficient Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Bernoulli Distributions’ Success Parameters.
  • Optimizing the US’ Organ Offering System.
  • Optimal Frank-Wolfe algorithm for Stochastic Optimization.