Working Papers

  • Discrete and combinatorial optimization
    1. Erazo, I. and Toriello A., Multiple Vehicle Submodular Dispatching.
      • To be presented in the INFORMS Transportation and Logistics Society Triennial Conference (2023).
    2. Erazo, I. and Toriello A., Submodular Dispatching, under major revisions in Operations Research.
      • Top 3 Short Presentations, YinzOR Conference Carnegie Mellon (2021).
      • Conference presentations at INFORMS Annual Meeting (2021), Odysseus International Workshop on Freight Transportation and Logistics (2021).
  • Efficient computation of confidence intervals
    1. Erazo, I., Goldsman, D. and Mei, Y. (2022), Cost-Efficient Fixed-Width Confidence Intervals for the Difference of Two Bernoulli Proportions , under major revisions in Journal of Simulation.

Journal Articles

Conference Articles